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Cipro helped me incredibly when about two months ago I had a bad urinary tract infection. At first I didn't pay attention to the initial symptoms. I got really worried only after urinating started bringing really unpleasant sensations: itching and burning; and after I started feeling the urge to urinate after every half an hour. As all this happened when I was on a business trip I didn't want to do anything before I get home and would be able to visit my family doctor. By the time I got back home in a week I was already next to getting crazy - constant UTI symptoms made me nervous, aggressive and vulnerable. I was easily irritated and could burst into tears without a reason, the only thing I wanted to do was lying under a warm coat, drinking hot tea and that's it. The doctor listened to my complaints, took some tests and put me on Cipro. I noticed first changes for the better in two days when my urge to urinate every half an hour decreased and urinating itself got not that painful for me. In two more days I was already able to go to work as I felt no more unbearable discomfort and all my symptoms almost disappeared. This medication turned me back into a normal woman, though I was a hysterical bitch for the last 10-14 days.

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With increased consideration amongst policymakers in direction of prescription drug costs, the February 2019 KFF Well being Monitoring Poll finds a majority of adults, including seniors, are in favor of many policy options aimed toward curbing prescription drug prices. The payments sponsored by Klobuchar (S. 62) and Welch (H.R. 275) merely strike the non-interference clause. The Welch bill explicitly requires the Secretary to negotiate Half D drug prices, however without specifying the standards for choosing which medication would subject to negotiations or how prices would be set, or a mechanism for establishing a value within the event of unsuccessful negotiations between the Secretary and drug manufacturers.
The laws would instruct the secretary of Well being and Human Companies to put forward laws permitting wholesalers, pharmacies and individuals to import qualifying prescription drugs from licensed Canadian sellers.
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